Lest We Forget

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As I take a look around, I see many people wearing poppies–the symbol of sacrifice made by our armed forces. Living in a great country like Canada, we are truly thankful to all the veterans who helped protect our great nation. Being loyal and gracious to ones country is part of our faith, I as a young Muslim women am proud that the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat celebrated the 5th annual “Muslims for Remembrance Day,” where donations were collected for The Royal Canadian Legion.
It is incumbent in today’s society to never forget the sacrifices made by the armed forces. They are the living examples for us to never let history repeat itself. Death and destruction experienced by our soldiers teach us important lessons about peace, justice and tolerance. As the Caliph of Islam, Mirza Masroor Ahmad has repeatedly advised, injustice against the innocent will ultimately lead to unrest. Remembrance Day should be celebrated by never forgetting the sacrifices made by our soldiers, and reflecting on history itself.
Lest we forget.

Najia Hassan


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