“Don’t Raise Your Voice, Improve Your Argument” – Desmond Tutu. 

Time and time again, Ahmadi Muslims have been the target of notorious hate crimes in Pakistan. Without much recognition and action from the police force and media outlets in the country, the persecution and ignorance surrounding this peace loving community is getting worse. The recent attack by a mob of over 1000 individuals on Ahmadi Muslims and our mosque in Chakwal clearly attests to this fact. This isn’t the first attack, and unfortunately it will not be the last. Many changes need to come about in Pakistan for the religious and political state of the country to get back the foundation of peace and freedom that it was built upon. However, mere acknowledgement of a problem may be the start, but it certainly is  not enough. The root cause of this problem must be taken care of and only then will the branches of hate be cut to the ground. Hate for Ahmadi Muslims is embedded in the very constitution of Pakistan. By withholding the religious freedom that the government had once promised its people, the hate the state projects towards us has trickled into the very hearts of our brothers and sisters in our own homeland. Many of us have been forced to leave, and many more are being oppressed. The government is there for the prosperity of its country and the well-being of its people. The well-being of a nation cannot exist without respect for ALL religious beliefs. If the government of Pakistan wishes to see any progress, it is prudent that a restructuring of its constitution should take place as soon as possible. It would be beneficial to all.
– Maryam Tahir

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