Peace be upon Las Vegas

We’re all well aware of what recently happened in Las Vegas. However, the varying responses that this attack is receiving have me a little more than confused. What is the difference between a terrorist attack and what happened in Las Vegas this past week? It seems that killing innocent people, hundreds at a time isn’t worthy of being deemed as terrorism because the attacker doesn’t fit the stereotypical description of a terrorist. A senior white male cannot possibly be a terrorist; where’s the turban, unparalleled wish to die or the loud exclamation of “JIHAD!”? In such cases, the terrorist is deemed to be mentally ill, and news outlets spend a week at most, covering the story in odd intervals, ensuring that it dies down as soon as it sprang up. These double standards in our society are what continue to cause huge rifts, even amongst people living next door to each other. Painting Islamic extremists as terrorists, and giving everyone else a mental disability for the same crime is something that the media is using to control how Islam is perceived by the rest of the world. In times like these, it is our responsibility to go out and tell the world that Islam is a religion of peace. Jihad is a form of internal growth and development, or self defence in case of a physical attack. In no way, shape or form does Islam promote an offensive Jihad, and this is something we will repeat over and over again. The world will continue to use one religion or the next as a scapegoat for all of its problems. A few centuries ago, the majority of the world believed Jews to be the work of the devil, and now the focus is on Islam. However, as long as the world continues to think this way, true Ahmadi Muslim believers will continue to shun these atrocities and break stereotypes, and loudly proclaim, “Love for All, Hatred for None.”


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