The Canada I Know!

The heinous crime that took place on 12th January 2018, the incident of a girls hijab being cut by scissors, took me both by shock and terror. I couldn't help but question our country. So let's face it, Is this, oppression of religion, going to continue into the future? or was the criminal a Canadian... Continue Reading →


How Much More Suffering?

One shudders at the thought of the sacrifice our brothers and sisters had to go through during the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947 on both sides. What immense burden of having to detach yourself from the soil of your ancestors only to migrate through hostile conditions, hoping that you will survive and all... Continue Reading →

Lest We Forget

Image Designed by Freepik As I take a look around, I see many people wearing poppies--the symbol of sacrifice made by our armed forces. Living in a great country like Canada, we are truly thankful to all the veterans who helped protect our great nation. Being loyal and gracious to ones country is part of our... Continue Reading →

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